Converging media have significant impact on every field: science, business, music, relationships, politics… When have you last stopped to ponder the effects of the media and communication in our societies?

Our first assignment!

  1. Lo and Behold. This documentary will be screened on MON 1.23. in class (if you cannot make it, please screen the entire film at home. You can rent it from Amazon).
  2. Then,  write a short reflection, 1-2 paragraphs, what chapter or story intrigued you the most (surprised you, delighted you, angered you…), why, and how does that relate to your interest in the media and communication technologies. (Perhaps the issue you chose relates to your career goals, or something that you already know plenty about, or you have witnessed, or that you would love to learn more about.)
  3. Post your mini-review below, as a comment to this blog.
    1. Note that you can use any screen name you choose to maintain anonymous. You need to give an email when posting the comment — so use your St.John’s address. Only I will see it and I will recognize you as the commentator.
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  4. Due 1/30 7:00am, here below as a comment.

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