David Sable, the global CEO of Y&R visited St. John’s to talk about his experience in the Advertising field. Throughout his whole speech, Sable constantly connected his points to the idea of human experience. He stated how people crave for physical experiences of going to the movies over watching a movie on your phone. Sable discusses three main points in his presentation.

The first point included digital game changers. Sable states that websites are dying and slowing down. While social media is speeding up. Social media works because people are social, he describes this idea as the conversation prism. Facebook even organizes your feed based on your likes. If you’re interested in reading more check out this article from The Guardian https://www.theguardian.com. Something that Sable emphasized was big data. Big data is a record of data, but it lacks on in site. He related big data to the election because people used information to falsely predict the outcome of the presidency. This topic is explained further in an article written by Vanity Fair http://www.vanityfair.com. He closes his first point by saying “there is only one internet and digital is everything, but not everything is digital.”

The second point brought up the question on what is disruption? Disruption changes the business. They’re many things that disrupt the world’s education, retail, and ability to target and predict. People are starting to make everything app based, when in reality the average person downloads 0 apps a month. In fact, many of us barely use all the apps on our phones. He closes his point by stating “dissidence is a person who actively challenges an established doctrine, policy or institution” meaning that it’s about the people first.

The third point addresses his predictions for the future. One thing that Sable predicts will continue to be successful in the future is televison. He believes this because Google puts most of their money on TV ads. Sable’s idea is also backed up in this article http://www.adweek.com. Also, Hulu and Netflix are still considered TV and are more popular than ever. He discussed the dangerous effects of fake news and how it has been affecting our society for decades. He even claimed that Abraham Lincoln’s death occurred because John Booth was angered over fake news. Something that I found surprising was that certain companies didn’t want to show their ads on The Mary Tyler Moore show because it wasn’t the traditional American lifestyle. Someone asked Sable what he thinks is the best way to brand yourself. His response was that he is always looking for people who are eclectic and know more than just what’s on your transcrip. One thing Sable strongly agrees with is that people are unpredictable and what make you different is the ability to understand people. Being creative and passionate will make you successful. Sable concluded with saying “the internet is an evolution that began with Gutenberg.” Overall, David Sable’s presentation was interesting and insightful.