In class today we discussed the Nielsen Company and how they use their technology to monitor the watching habits of different households throughout the country. However, I see the Nielsen Company as being biased and controlling whatever we see on television. The company is comparable to a television tyrant.

All across the country the Nielsen family fills thousands of homes with little black boxes in order to see what the families are watching. The reason I think it’s biased is because the families could only like certain shows and therefore only watch those shows. If the families are only watching those certain shows then the people at the Nielsen Company will see that those shows are the popular ones. Say for instance more than 50 percent of Nielsen families watched a certain show. The Nielsen Company would see that the ratings are high and that show is popular and it would then be more likely to stay on air because of how popular it is. Then say for instance, 90 percent of non Nielsen families like a show but because they aren’t with the Nielsen Company, their ratings aren’t seen by them and there’s a chance that show may be cancelled because ratings aren’t seen and that show is considered unpopular.

An example of a show is Constantine. Constantine is based off of a comic book character and these days everyone loves the comic based shows and movies. However, due to poor ratings, the show was pulled and therefore taken off the network. A little after this happened though, fans went crazy and demanded the show be brought back or moved to another network where the series can continue. To me this just further proves that the Nielsen Company can be biased. It’s possible that families watch certain shows all the time, for instance The Big Bang Theory, and the show gets to continue because of the good ratings seen at the Nielsen Company. Then a good majority of the Nielsen families did not watch Constantine while a good number of non Nielsen viewers did watch the show. However there viewing habits of the show were not seen because they were not Nielsen views and the show was pulled due to low ratings. This is why I feel the company is a television tyrant because through their technology, they can control what we see.