Today in class we talked about how books and novels are portrayed in the media and how they are evolving. We watched a video on how books today are turning more into electronic copies rather than hard copies because we are so exposed to the internet and technology today. One thing that I was interested in during this lecture was a chart that showed the different genres of books that have been published and how each genre has progressed over the years. It is interesting to see how even though hard copies of novels are still being published and purchased, more and more people from all over the world are looking into electronic books. E-books are considered to be easier and more efficient. On my own, I found a chart of people who had read an e-book over the past recent years. Reading electronic copies of books is more popular in the younger generation than it is in the older generation according to this chart. Today’s class lecture was interesting because I never really thought about how novels are progressing in different ways than they used to years ago.