Competition vs. Care

Today in class we were lucky to participate in the live launch of the ranking digital rights.  I have never participated in a live launch before so I didn’t know what to expect.  It was just like being taught by a professor, just without them physically being there.  The research that the industry conducted was to judge certain companies on their privacy policies and how much information they disclose to their users.  It turned out that most companies were simply competing to not be the worst when it came to the privacy policies.  Many of the companies simply don’t disclose their privacy statements but don’t really give a reason as to why they don’t.  This should be alarming to the users because we don’t know what is really happening to our information, most of which is personal information that shouldn’t be made public.  This could be a very eye opening survey for many people who will now begin to question the companies and apps that they use on a daily basis without knowing where our information will end up.  The woman leading much of the launch talked about how the average person or company could apply this survey to their own lives.  They could use the questions asked to find out more information about the companies or apps that they use regularly.  Or the companies themselves could use them internally, as some companies have already communicated to the ranking of digital rights.  Overall we should be more cautious of how much information we disclose and if we really know where it is going.  We don’t have to completely distrust all companies and apps that we use but we should be more mindful to ensure our own safety as the companies certainly aren’t taking the necessary precautions to protect us.

Ranking Matters

Today we watched the launch of Global Digital Rights (Ranking Digital Rights), where we discussed several issues like how to get companies to do the right thing, are to know if a company failed and the government involvement with our telecommunication and media. One of the ways I learned to get companies to do the right thing is by using rankings to stimulate competition. By them competing for who’s the best and most trustworthy helps them focus on certain goals. Then I found out that you can tell if a company has failed by seeing if they are willing to take down information. The video also explained that the government is responsible for protecting human rights and companies are responsible to respect human rights. These points stuck out to me, because I noticed while watching the launching that my actual phone company was involved in the studies of ranking digital rights. This fact made me wondering like should I be worried or not. I realized I never really questioned my privacy or my rights before, todays class really woke me up.