Today in class we had our 3 guest speakers (Amanda Bloom, Kadijat Salawudeen and Nico Mills) talk a little more about the music industry and their own backgrounds. Their discussion focused a lot on how they got to where they were and ways of promoting your work, whether it is on the music (audio) , photography or videography field.

3 topics that came up a lot in the discussion and were mentioned to be substantial for this type of industry are: Networking (making connections), Persistence and Targeting your audience/market . Networking is all about talking to the right people and putting yourself out there, showing your face to people in this type of industry. It also can involve a little bit of luck and being at the right place at the right time. A good networking opportunity is getting a internship and communicating with different people within the place that you are in, you never know, sometimes people know someone who is looking for what you have to offer. Another substantial thing is to always be persistent. Kadijat gave us an example of how she thought she had an opportunity and it ended up being a scam. With that she also mentioned that she didn’t let that bring her down but instead took that as a learning opportunity, because of the connections she had, a better offer came along.

Targeting your audience/market is a big if not the biggest factor in my opinion. To know whom you are trying to attract is a key thing to success. When your audience is targeted then you are responsible to think and consider which are the best media outlets to promote, market and advertise your work in a way that your audience will want to keep following up with your work.

It was a very interesting and informative discussion and to see people who are still young and in college doing big things is very inspiring.

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Today in class we had a discussion panel on the music business in which three current and former students talked about their careers in the music industry and how they are still finding ways to reach success. Amanda Bloom is a singer and a communications manager at Crossover Media. Amanda is a current jazz vocalist who is inspired by other genres of music, for example, folk music. Furthermore,  Kadijat Salawudeen at just 18 is a songwriter and a social media manager. She is currently interning at Emmis Communications and is involved with radio stations, for example, WBLS/WLIB and Hot 97.  She’s worked with Love and Hip Hop star Yandy Smith Harris and was a writer on her lifestyle brand “Everything Girls Love.” Lastly, Nico Mills has an IAR partnership with Saint Johns that allows students who study communications to participate in programs to receive 30 hours of college credit. Furthermore, Mills recently interned at Joelle Ortiz’s studio who is a Hip Hop Artist signed to Eminem’s Shady Aftermath label.

The panel touched upon three major aspects of the music industry which was producing promoting and marketing. But what stuck out to me throughout the panel was the constant persistence and networking it takes to reach a level of success. I recall Kadijat mentioning on how she would attend events at 2 that would normally start at 9. This allowed her an opportunity to truly get a chance to start networking her way to the top. Additionally, I remember Niko talking about how he found Joelle Ortiz through a tweet. Moreover, this shows how social media plays a huge role in finding job opportunities as well as networking opportunities. For example, vine was an app that played videos for only fifteen seconds and in those short videos, vine created absolute superstars. This is because in those fifteen seconds people showed the world pure raw talent. Additionally, facebook allows a perfect place to share content as well as getting feedback from specific users. Facebook also allows you to share behind the scenes news with multiple people by uploading videos and photos (days). Furthermore, I remember him mentioning snapchat and how it allows a way for an artist to connect with their fanbase. For example, a few months ago Ed Sheeran had a snapchat filter that previewed his new song “Shape Of You” for less than twenty seconds. A day later the song became a number one hit. Snapchat slowly allowed people to develop an interest in the song resulted in people purchasing the song or streaming it through apps like Pandora or Spotify.

Another topic that was mentioned during the panel was the business side of the music industry. Various artist, for example, Chance The Rapper, have not signed with a record label and still has achieved big time success collaborating with artists like Kanye West as well as winning Grammys. Artist do not like the idea of signing with a label company due to the notion that once you sign to a specific company you will lose all creative control. However, the business side of music is greatly important. Multiple unknown artists today produce fantastic albums but they do not know what to do with them because they do not have a stable foundation. This is why independent artists suffer because they do not have the right people helping them. In order to reach success without the business aspect of the music industry is to slowly start forming a fanbase. The more popular you become the more people want to network with you.

A major topic that was mentioned in the discussion earlier this morning was relating to your audience. The Kardashians are a perfect example of a group of individuals who post so much about their lives you sort of feel a connection to them. The constant Instagram posts, tweets or snapchats allow you into their everyday life making you feel as if you are part of their day. Nevertheless, the Kardashians are not the only group of people who have done it. For example, Nico mentioned that Wiz Khalifa would constantly post snapchats which led him to slowly relate to his fan base.

Our class today really opened my mind to all the hard work and determination it takes to reach a level of success in the industry. You really need to know how to properly promote yourself whether it is on the streets or online. The persistence and hard work these panelists did to start to achieve their dreams is truly inspiring.

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