Moving right along in our aggregate set of assignment.

Now, we are using the thematics of your journalistic story – the importance of freedom of expression and privacy. Imagine you are working for a non-profit advocating a related issue. Your task is to create a Public Service Announcement on the topic.

We will screen your work on 4/10 and 4/12 — and discuss some current ethical issues of mass – digital media as inspired by your work.

Your PSA is due 4/10 by class time (9am).


  • Think of your topic. Although we are dealing with the two specific questions of privacy and freedom of expression, they take so many different forms. Are you addressing the societal (macro) level of issue of privacy and surveillance, or micro-level question of individual privacy control? Are you talking about the responsibilities of companies to secure client data privacy? Are you informing people about the results of RDR, or Are you advocating for freedom of speech or countering hate speech?
  • Think of your audience. Who are they? Your peers? Consumers? Vloggers? Senior citizens? ….
  • Think about your style: Is it humorous? Do you want to make the audience cry? Do you want to schock? How will you make viewers believe you and be on your side?
  • Think about the effectiveness of your PSA
    • It gets the audience to pay attention.
    • The message is clear and easy to understand
    • The message is supported by facts about the issue.
    • The audience is able to sympathize with those affected by the issue.
  • Use any tool you like to create an audiovisual PSA.  (Adobe Spark  is an easy-to-use free tool. You will need to sign up but it’s free and you can delete your account after this assignment. Those familiar with making videos: any other format is fine.)
  • The video should be min. 1 seconds and max. 3 minutes long.
  • Email me the link to your video by class time 4/10. (Note that you can keep the video private so only those with a link can see it.)
  • TIP: I suggest you test the platform well in advance so you will not run any last minute tech problems.
  • TIP2: There are tons of resource sites and YouTube videos about creating a PSA.