Today in class, we explored the radio industry and the way broadcasting have changed over the years. We discussed several insightful details about the history of broadcasting and the business of the radio industry. One essential topic we discussed that caught my attention is the topic of technology changing the way things are delivered.

I found that the most interesting issue of our class discussion would be the way Screen Shot 2017-04-05 at 2.08.21 PMtechnology has transformed in terms of broadcasting in the radio and music industry. Visualizing a timeline that dates back to the first form of broadcasting technology and analyzing the methods of the radio and music industry was insightful. It was interesting to learn the ways in which things are transformed. Technology is an important part of the past and present society. It is what makes everything in life connected and straightforward. More importantly, technology transforms the way things are communicated in the media.

Screen Shot 2017-04-05 at 2.08.29 PMWhen most people think about broadcasting technology, they think about the invention of the first iPod or laptop. They do not take account that broadcasting technology dates back from the fifteenth century to the first printing press or the invention of the piano. These early technological advancements are a principal factor to our society because without it we would not have a great media outlet. These inventions made it possible to stream and broadcast news and music. Broadcasting is the most effective method to communicate a message in to the media. Broadcasting technology makes communication in the media instant. It is what keeps us updated with the top news, top stories, top 100 in music, etc. Technology is deliberately transforming. Seeing that almost everyday individuals in our society are continuously creating and coming up with innovative ideas that create another advancement in technology.