Today in class, we talked about the movie industry and its ties the audio industry, as well as how its growth connects to the ideas of exponential technological advancement and convergence.
One thing that definitely stood out to me was how important user-friendliness and accessibility have become in the industry.  Services like Netflix and Spotify are the frontrunners for the audio-visual industry today because they are easy to use and offer content wherever and whenever the users wants it.  House of Cards, the first series produced exclusively by Netflix and the first series to be released all at once, was revolutionary in its approach to modern content distribution and causing every other video streaming service (Amazon, Youtube, and Hulu) to begin producing their own movies and TV shows and following Netflix’s distribution model.
We also discussed in class how as technology advances, so does the rate at which it is advancing.  While there were once years in between innovations, there is now a span of mere months or even weeks between the next great ideas.  This acceleration feeds into the idea of a technological singularity, where the rate of innovation has increased to the point of being uncontrollable and beyond the rate of human comprehension.  Studios are focusing on immersion more than ever, with relatively recent trends such as 3D technology and interactive video game-film hybrids being such a huge hit with modern audiences.