Freedom of Speech was the topic of the day. We have learned that although, its a right we have as U.S. citizens, it “can and will be used against us.”

We discussed how there are many issues going on in today’s world that have strong opinions to follow. However, if we want to post about our opinions, it is most likely being monitored and can even be removed. This is not always fair because if we want to make a statement we should be allowed. Several Public Service Announcements were filmed and viewed with such emphasis on this issue. They really did catch our attention and made us think. We discussed how it is truly a touchy subject. We all think to an extent, some things should be monitored and censored, however what is the point that draws the line? Censorship is difficult for many reasons and most are trying to find the “happy-medium.”

We also watched a clip from Edward Murrow’s, “Good Night and Good Luck.” This too was interesting to see because it portrays how he helped shape modern day broadcasting. It was rare to see his style and tone, and how he chose to deliver his speeches. This topic can be very controversial and create a large buzz, but needs to be discussed so we don’t loose all our rights of Freedom of Speech.