Today in class, we had a discussion on the Video Game industry and how it has changed since its inception in the 1950’s. From the first simulation of a game of tennis, to virtual reality games, the Video Game industry has truly come a long way.

However, one of the most important aspects of Video Games today, would be the crossover between video games and popular movies & TV shows. The convergence between these two forms of entertainment have become a very popular category of games. There are companies such as Sony, who not only create movies, but also created the Playstation console. Then there are movie studios such as Lucas Films, who create video games for the players enjoyment. Furthermore, there have been instances of TV shows becoming video games as well. Shows like The Simpsons and South Park have created video games that many people enjoy playing.

Video games have become so popular that in some instances, they have been turned into movies and tv shows as well. The Super Mario Brothers franchise created a movie based on the original video game, and the Assassin’s Creed series also had a major motion picture that was recently released. Video games are a great way for people to enjoy themselves and to forget about their stress for a while. I believe that turning these games into movies or tv shows are not bad ideas and we will definitely be seeing more of this in the near future.

Finally, one aspect of the Video Game world that we did not talk about in class, was the Youtube Channel explosion. Youtubers across the world film themselves playing their Video Games and get millions of views each time they upload a video. The most popular Youtube account in the world, PewDiePie, was created by a young Swedish man named Felix. He currently has 54 million subscribers and what kind of content does he produce? Video Game commentary with a comedic twist. PewDiePie is not the only person who does this, there are dozens of other accounts who do some type of video game commentary. This idea is basically the combination of both, Video Games & TV Shows and it appears that this is becoming more and more popular for consumers. Down below are a few links to popular Youtube channels who play Video Games and provide commentary:

PewDiePie (Some Cursing- May be NSFW):

Node (Some Cursing- May be NSFW):

Markiplier (Some Cursing- May be NSFW):