Today we talked about global media in the digital age. One of the first things we went over is the definition of intercultural communications, which we saw a humorous example of in the “Diversity Training” scene from The Office. We covered the “basic scheme” of international communications, starting from the geopolitical perspective and finishing up with communications and development. We also discussed the different media models that exist in our world: authoritarian, free market, mixed and global (Internet). Not only is media important for our lives in the Western world, it is especially important in developing countries, considering that many of them still struggle with the “digital divide.” From the times of the telegraph to the days of the Internet, almost the same exact countries have been left in the informational dark; we are able to see that when comparing a map of the telegraph lines to the map of today’s undersea Internet lines.

One of the last things we discussed in class was the globalization of media production, an example of which we saw in the documentary Exporting Raymond (2010) by the creator of the sitcom Everybody Loves Raymond, Philip Rosenthal. This documentary follows the adventures of this television writer and his failed attempts to bring his Emmy award winning show to Russia. Personally, I didn’t find it too surprising that this sitcom never took off due to cultural differences. As someone who grew up in Ukraine, I saw many Russian adaptations of American TV shows, and none of them had the same “traditional American family” centered lifestyle as in Everybody Loves Raymond; what Phil Rosenthal didn’t realize was that marriage is very different in other countries. I have decided to include a few clips of Russian versions of different sitcoms.




& Married With Children, Russia.


A fun fact:

Something shocking that caught my attention was Russia’s take on “Everybody Loves Raymond.” I did some research and discovered that Russia’s version of ‘Everybody Loves Raymond,’ known as ‘Voroniny’ is now in its 17th season, will have reached 376 episodes by the end of September, compared with the previous record of 365 held by the Russian version of ‘Married…With Children.’ The American series only contains 9 seasons with 210 episodes.