COM 1001

A course at St. John's University

Basics & Syllabus

This course, COM1001 at St. John’s University, College of Professional Studies, will critically examine media convergence, in its past, present and possible future forms. How have forms of communication shaped our societies throughout the centuries? How do media industries, as businesses and workplaces, look like today? How does our media and technology consumption and creation shape our lives as individuals? Finally, can we even talk about mass communication anymore? Or, do we need to talk about Converging Media?

In today’s digital era, many if not most professions require skills for critical media analysis and  creation. This course provides an overview that will enable the students view and understand mediated communication in three distinct levels:

In each class session, whether we discuss classic theories or current news, we will specifically address each of these levels in order to understand the connections between personal/individual, professional, and societal trends in the media and communication technologies.

Please find the detailed syllabus here.