COM 1001

A course at St. John's University


Your grade for this course consists of maximum nine (9) assignments.

  • You need to complete two (2) to pass the course, and the more you complete the better your grade.
  • All assignments need to be completed fully, as instructed, for them to count towards your grade.
  • The detailed instructions for each assignment will be discussed in class and posted on our course blog  a week prior their due date.


No late submissions.

For a pass =  D

1.Mid Term Exam (completed fully as instructed and with minimum 70% correct answers).


2.Final Assignment (completed fully as instructed and submitted by the deadline by the deadline WED 5.10. at midnight, emailed to

Both assignments are based on the lectures and the course book.

For a C the above and one (1) of the below

For a C+ the above and two (2) of the below

For a B- the above and three (3) of the below

For a B the above and four (4) of the below

For a B+ the above and five (5) of the below

For an A- the above and six (6) of the below

For an A the above and seven (7) of the below

3.Attendance and active class participation. (You are allowed to miss two [2] sessions, no questions asked. Otherwise, let the instructor know in advance and/or provide a doctor’s note for any other missed class.)

4. Film Review. Lo and Behold. Screened on MON 1.23. in class (if you cannot make it, please screen the entire film at home. You can rent it from Amazon). Review due on MON 1.30. at 7am, as a blog comment. Instructions will be posted under this link on 1.22.

5. Media Diet. Instructions will be posted on the blog a week prior. Media Diet Report due THU 2.9. at 7:00am, posted on the blog.

6. Journalistic Story. Instructions will be discussed in class and posted on the blog a week prior.  Story due  MON 3.27.  at 7:00am, emailed to

7. Public Service Announcement Video. Instructions will be posted on the blog a week prior due date. PSA Video due MON 4.10. at 7:00am, the link emailed to

8. Multiple Choice Quiz (2 surprise quizzes, in class. You only need to complete one of them and get 70% or more for this assignment to count towards your grade.).
9. Lecture Diary. You are to write up a summary of one lecture for our blog, of a date assigned to you. The schedule of the randomly assigned dates will be posted on our blog on 1.31. — the first duty will be for 2.2. The diary is due within 24 hours of the lecture. Please email your text to

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